We went to collegium where we learned to do things. It was held at a middle school and I was in the math room. We were learning about fletching arrows and why you do things certain ways and then the freakin’ HRHs walk in (king and queen, yo) with my wife in tow and hold an impromptu court to elevate us.

So … Now I’m a Lord. Means people call me a Lord.

Sunshine? If you say so.

My First (Grown-Up) Bow

For Hanukkah, my wife bought me a bow. We’ve been doing archery with the SCA, and I wanted a take-down bow because it’s ‘close’ to the old classic style, but still something I can draw easily enough.

Since it’s my first bow since the crappy compound one my dad got me a million years ago, I spent some time practicing putting it together and taking it apart. I can do it all now, except shoot ‘great.’

Not pictured are the tiny WordPress stickers on each limb that make sure I don’t confuse my bow limbs with anyone else’s. If the weather keeps up, Sunday you’ll see photos of me using it!